Electric Fence Power Probe® Mach II

Fence Fault Finding Made Easy!

The Pakton Power Probe was the first of a new generation of directional fault finders. The Power Probe was the first electric fence tester to show fault direction arrows and the first to do away with the earth lead. The Pakton Power Probe is now proudly sold in many different countries.

Find electric fence faults with Pakton's Electric Fence Power Probe®


  • Water proof
  • Integrated (removable) belt clip
  • Longer battery life
  • Ergonomic case design
  • Fingers are further away from high voltage
  • Bright red LED direction arrows
  • Simple to use - one touch operation
  • Clearly indicates the direction of the fault
  • Digital readout shows fence voltage and current
  • No wires or clips means no tangles, no shocks!
  • Easy to carry - pocket size

Better than the others:

  • Australian made by the inventor of directional fault finders
  • Displays direction to a "high load" fault, not just current flow
  • No setup, no calibration, straight from the box to finding faults
  • Standard easy to find battery
  • Will take you right to the fault, not leave you meters short
  • Won't fall into a hundred tiny bits when you try to change the battery

Product Support

Pakton Technologies proudly supports the product, please contact us for assistance over the phone or via email.

Further Information

Read the Electric Fence Power Probe® User Manual
Find answers to common questions.
If you are having trouble with a low voltage reading after changing the battery please read this helpful page.