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PTE0050- Electric Fence Lightning Arrestor and RFI Filter

Designed to protect your energiser from damaging lightning surges, this product also aids in reducing the electrical interference which can cause ticking in telephones.

Pakton technologies electric fence lightning divertor and RFI filter

Pakton's PTE0050 product features

  • Contains 3 stage protection
  • Designed to handle lightning current to 3,000 Amps
  • Designed to sacrifice itself to protect the energiser if strike is to big for it to handle
  • Contains L/C filter to reduce spark-induced noise
  • Rated for up to 10,000 Volt energisers
  • Easy to connect

Pakton's PTE0050 is designed to perform two roles:

  1. Lightning diverter: As a lightning diverter, the PTE050 diverts lightning surges coming from the fence line to earth. This will reduce the damage to the energiser suffered in the event of a lightning strike to the fence or nearby trees etc. It cannot help, of course, when the lightning induced surge is coming from the mains electricity side of the energiser. To protect the energiser the PTE050 must be positioned between the energiser and the fence. The PTE050 is designed to take care of lightning pulses with currents up to 3,000 Amps. If the surge is greater than the PTE050 can handle it will be damaged and require replacement.

  2. RFI Filter: As an RFI filter, the PTE050 contains filter elements which reduce the highest frequency components from the electric fence pulses. These components are most responsible for clicking noises in telephones, radios (mostly AM band) and hi-fi's. To reduce clicking noises the PTE050 should be mounted at the energiser (as per lightning diverter) as well as at various points around the fence line. Most particularly at either end of long parallel runs of electric fence and telephone lines.

The results of a lightning strike on an electric fence energiser without the protection of a lightning divertor

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